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Syngus fitness mobile and web application
The fitness application designed Syngus

Syngus is the application of athletic users who are deliberately involved with their health. With its internal drifting system, you can save money by moving. The app records the so-called fitness data of the user, that is, the run distance, step number, active time spent, and burned calories.

The user who is moving with us shares the information he has collected during training with the service providers who previously joined the QR code. Providers can provide personalized health and fitness advice to their users, ie current and future customers, based on the data received. Coaches can continuously monitor their sporting performance and personal development. The quality of the service is increasing, which attracts the expansion of their customer base.

Large corporations: Employers can write performance-based sports calls within an internal motivation and reward system.

For Schools: Motivating Students / Students for Regular Movement

Small and Medium Business: Your coffee shop, your restaurant will become a supporter of healthy life if you're a Syngus point and have sports discounts.

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Set to challenge those in the movement,

and reward them personalized rewards!

Follow your customers a fitness activity

Syngus the service side!

Give a customized advice

directly to their mobile telephone!

Remind the latest promotions

and news clients pocket just a few clicks!

Make a specific timetable,

Syngus which the user of the mobile application allows you to sign up!

Stay connected

24 hours a day with customers.

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The application allows
News and information brokering,

and to draw up a specific timetable, which helps users from their phones may affect the specified hours fitness center or health treatments. A particularly prone providers Syngus marketing campaign is well used.

Individual messages, coupons and special offers can be captured users' attention, and even performance incentive, reward current games start. If required, the wording of these, we also provide assistance.

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